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Home in a week

“Home in a Week” helps Churches/groups build a home for those in need in just one week.  This is done through pre building walls, trusses, and floor joist boxes, which are then transported to the home site.  "The Home in a Week" team has a design, a process, and a dedicated group of folk to help your project be a success.  You ‘Sponsor’ a build and "Home in a Week" helps you make it all happen.

As a sponsor, you raise the needed funds (generally 25-35k), host three prebuilds, and gather workers for putting it all together.  "The Home in a Week" team will provide training and guidance from start to finish.  "Home in a Week" is a 501(c) 3 and can receive donations tax free for your project.  Contact us and let’s get started.



Away Team - Jan 19-25

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Pre-Builds 2018-2019

Pre-Build #1-‘Trusses & Paint’  
Nov. 17th 2018: 9am to noon

Gruene UMC

Pre-Build #2 - ‘Floor Boxes’
Dec. 8th, 2018: 9am to noon
Dripping Springs UMC 

Pre-Build #3 - ‘Walls’ 
Jan 5th, 2019: 9am to noon
Seguin FUMC